Advisory board

The Advisory Board provides advice and support about the Institute’s strategic direction and day-to-day matters, usually via email.


Abel Novoa, President of No Gracias, Spain

Alvaro Atallah, Director, the Brazilian Cochrane Centre

Carl Heneghan, Director, Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, Oxford, UK

David Hammerstein, Director, Commons Network

Dick Bijl, President, International Society of Drug Bulletins

John Ioannidis, Professor, Stanford University

Juan Ramon Laporte, Founder and Director, Butlletí Groc

Kim Witczak, Consumer Advocate, Los Angeles, California

Margrete Auken, Member of the European Parliament (the Greens)

Peter Wilmshurst, Cardiologist, Shrewsbury, UK


Last updated: 23 October 2019