Updated 19 July 2022

These are the most recent books by Peter C Gøtzsche:

Medicamentos que matan y crimen organizado (2013 en inglés) y Psicofármacos que matan y denegación organizada (2015 en inglés) ya está disponible gratuitamente (ver al final de esta página)

Below is a description of some of the books.


Critical psychiatry textbook (2022)

My book describes what is wrong with the psychiatry textbooks used by students of medicine and psychology. I read the five most used textbooks in Denmark and uncovered a litany of misleading and erroneous statements about the causes of mental health disorders, if they are genetic, if they can be detected in a brain scan, if they are caused by a chemical imbalance, if psychiatric diagnoses are reliable, and what the benefits and harms are of psychiatric drugs and electroshocks. Much of what is claimed amounts to scientific dishonesty. I also describe fraud and serious manipulations with the data in often cited research. I conclude that biological psychiatry has not led to anything of use, and that psychiatry as a medical specialty is so harmful that it should be disbanded.

Pdf (234 pages): DKK250 (about €33).  See contents. Please wire DKK250, IBAN no. DK5867710005437934, swiftcode LAPNDKK1 (Laegernes Bank, Dirch Passers Allé 76, DK-2000 Frederiksberg) and supply your email address on the transfer, or send it to: pcg AT You can avoid the fee for a wire transfer by using my crowdfunding option but remember to supply your email address.


The Chinese virus: Killed millions and scientific freedom (2022)

This book documents the US-Chinese cover up for the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic, the worst cover up in the history of medicine, for one of the worst catastrophes ever, which has so far killed 6 million people. It is extremely likely that COVID-19 was caused by a lab leak in Wuhan and that the virus was manufactured there. But China and Beijing’s useful idiots, which include Lancet, Nature, Science, New York Times, US presidential advisor Anthony Fauci, and previous director Francis Collins from the National Institutes of Health, led the whole world astray. All the key players lied about the facts. The book describes many other attacks on scientific freedom and common sense, also outside healthcare, and explains the deplorable role social media censorship has played via their so-called fact checkers.

Pdf (235 pages): DKK250 (about €33). See contents. Please wire DKK250, IBAN no. DK5867710005437934, swiftcode LAPNDKK1 (Laegernes Bank, Dirch Passers Allé 76, DK-2000 Frederiksberg) and supply your email address on the transfer, or send it to: pcg AT You can avoid the often large fee for a wire transfer by using my crowdfunding option.


The decline and fall of the Cochrane empire (2022)

This is the story about institutional corruption and the rapid transformation of a prosperous democracy into a brutal tyranny. It explains why one of the most important organisations ever in healthcare, the Cochrane Collaboration, now seems to be doomed because the wrong man was employed as CEO in 2012. He systematically destroyed Cochrane, particularly the highly respected Cochrane centres, and a weak Governing Board let him do it. In April 2021, he suddenly left without a farewell message, seven days before the UK funder announced a major budget cut. Many of the things he did were highly bizarre and difficult to understand. Journalists have therefore asked: Did he have powerful friends in the drug industry? Was he planted to destroy Cochrane?



Mental health survival kit and withdrawal from psychiatric drugs (2022)

This book will help people with mental health issues survive and come back to a normal life. The general public believes that drugs against depression and psychosis and admission to a psychiatric ward are more often harmful than beneficial, and this is also what the science shows. Even so, most people continue taking psychiatric drugs for many years. This is mainly because they have developed drug dependence. The psychiatrists and other doctors have made hundreds of millions of people dependent on psychiatric drugs and yet have done virtually nothing to find out how to help them come off them safely again, which can be very difficult. The book explains in detail how harmful psychiatric drugs are and tells people how they can withdraw safely from them. It also advises about how people with mental health issues may avoid becoming psychiatric “career” patients and lose 10 or 15 years of their life to psychiatry.

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Mentalt overlevelseskit og udtrapning af psykofarmaka (2020)

Denne bog kan hjælpe mennesker med psykiske problemer med at overleve og vende tilbage til et normalt liv. Borgerne mener, at medicin mod depression og psykose og indlæggelse på en psykiatrisk afdeling oftere er skadelig end gavnlig, og det er også det, videnskaben viser. Alligevel fortsætter de fleste patienter med at tage psykofarmaka i mange år. Det skyldes hovedsagelig, at de har udviklet medicinafhængighed. Psykiatere og andre læger har gjort hundreder af millioner af mennesker afhængige af psykofarmaka og har alligevel stort set intet gjort for at finde ud af, hvordan de kan hjælpe dem med at trappe sikkert ud igen, hvilket kan være meget vanskeligt. Bogen forklarer i detaljer, hvor skadelige psykofarmaka er, og fortæller, hvordan man kan stoppe med at bruge dem. Den giver også råd om, hvordan mennesker med psykiske problemer kan undgå at blive psykiatriske ”karrierepatienter” og miste 10 eller 15 år af deres liv til psykiatrien.

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Trykt bog (217 sider, Dispuks forlag): 249,95 kr. Kan købes her. Pressemeddelelse


Kit de sobrevivência em saúde mental
e retirada dos medicamentos psiquiátricos

Este livro ajudará pessoas com problemas de saúde mental a sobreviver e voltar a uma vida normal. O público em geral acredita que os medicamentos contra a depressão e a psicose e a internação em uma enfermaria psiquiátrica são mais frequentemente prejudiciais do que benéficos, e isso também é o que a ciência mostra. Mesmo assim, a maioria das pessoas continua tomando drogas psiquiátricas por muitos anos. Isso ocorre principalmente porque eles desenvolveram dependência de drogas. Os psiquiatras e outros médicos tornaram centenas de milhões de pessoas dependentes de drogas psiquiátricas e, ainda assim, não fizeram praticamente nada para descobrir como ajudá-las a sair delas com segurança, o que pode ser muito difícil. O livro explica em detalhes como as drogas psiquiátricas são prejudiciais e diz às pessoas como elas podem retirá-las com segurança. Ele também informa sobre como pessoas com problemas de saúde mental podem evitar se tornar pacientes psiquiátricos de “carreira” e perder 10 ou 15 anos de suas vidas para a psiquiatria.

Edição em PDF (242 páginas): DKK150 (cerca de € 20).

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Kit de supervivencia para la salud mental y retirada de psicofármacos

Este libro ayudará a las personas con problemas de salud mental a sobrevivir y volver a una vida normal. La población general está convencida de que los medicamentos contra la depresión o la psicosis y los ingresos en unidades psiquiátricas son más a menudo dañinos que beneficiosos, y esto es también lo que muestra la ciencia. Aun así, la mayoría de las personas continúan tomando medicamentos psiquiátricos durante muchos años. Esto se debe principalmente a que han desarrollado dependencia a esas sustancias. Los psiquiatras y otros médicos han contribuido a que cientos de millones de personas dependan de los medicamentos psiquiátricos y, sin embargo, no han hecho prácticamente nada para averiguar cómo ayudarlas a dejarlos de manera segura, algo que puede ser muy difícil. El libro explica en detalle cuán dañinos son los medicamentos psiquiátricos y le enseña a la población cómo pueden retirarse de manera segura. También informa sobre cómo las personas con problemas de salud mental pueden evitar convertirse en pacientes psiquiátricos etiquetados de por vida y perder 10 o 15 años de su vida debido a la psiquiatría.

Edición en pdf (234 páginas): DKK150 (unos 20 €).

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Kit de survie en santé mentale et sevrage
des médicaments psychiatriques

Ce livre aidera les personnes ayant des problèmes de santé mentale à survivre et à reprendre une vie normale. Le grand public estime que les médicaments contre la dépression et la psychose et l’admission dans un service psychiatrique sont plus souvent nuisibles que bénéfiques, et c’est aussi ce que montre la science. Malgré cela, la plupart des personnes continue à prendre des médicaments psychiatriques pendant de nombreuses années. C’est principalement parce que celles-ci ont développé une dépendance au médicament. Les psychiatres et autres médecins ont rendu des centaines de millions de personnes dépendantes des médicaments psychiatriques et pourtant, ils n’ont pratiquement rien fait pour découvrir comment aider les personnes à quitter les médicaments en toute sécurité, ce qui peut s’avérer très difficile. Le livre explique en détail combien les médicaments psychiatriques sont nocifs et informe les personnes sur la manière d’en faire le sevrage de façon sécurisée. Il donne des conseils aussi pour que les personnes ayant des problèmes de santé mentale parviennent à éviter de devenir des patients psychiatriques « de carrière » et à ne pas perdre 10 ou 15 ans de leur vie à cause de la psychiatrie.

Edition Pdf (249 pages) : 150 DKK (environ 20 €).

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Overlevingspakket voor de psychiatrie en het
afbouwen van psychiatrische medicijnen

Het grote publiek gelooft dat medicijnen tegen depressie en psychose meer kwaad dan goed doen, net als opnames op psychiatrische afdelingen of in inrichtingen. En dat is ook zo, blijkt uit wetenschappelijk onderzoek. Tóch slikken velen jarenlang medicijnen tegen psychische aandoeningen. Dat komt voornamelijk omdat ze er niet meer mee kunnen stoppen. Honderden miljoenen mensen zijn door psychiaters en andere artsen afhankelijk geraakt aan psychofarmaca. In dit boek legt vooraanstaand expert Peter C. Gøtzsche uit hoe schadelijk deze medicijnen zijn en hoe mensen er veilig mee kunnen stoppen. Ook geeft hij mensen met psychische problemen adviezen over hoe ze kunnen voorkomen dat ze langdurig patiënt blijven.


Walburg Pers. Aantal pagina’s: 278. Bestel dit boek € 24,99


Medicamentos que matan y crimen organizado

La traducción al español de mi libro “Deady medicines and organised crime” ya está disponible gratuitamente.

Psicofármacos que matan y denegación organizada

La traducción al español de mi libro “Deady psychiatry and organised denial” ya está disponible gratuitamente.