Aftenshowet in Danish national TV, 15 April 2013. A debate about depression drugs with psychiatrist professor Lars Kessing (in Danish).


Opening symposium for the Institute for Scientific Freedom, 9 March 2019. Videos of the presentations.

Peter C Gøtzsche: Introduction to the symposium

Robert Whitaker: Scientific censorship in psychiatry

Maryanne Demasi: Statins – a case study in bias, data transparency & censorship
Tom Jefferson: The Tamiflu story
Peter Aaby: “Most of you think we know what our vaccines are doing – we don’t.” In early November 2021, YouTube removed the video of this lecture. This was an outrageous act of censorship to which we protested, but to no avail. Professor Peter Aaby is one of the world’s top vaccine researchers. His lecture is highly interesting and very important for everyone who wants to understand what vaccines do. I have therefore uploaded the video below. Aaby has shown, in many studies, that live vaccines, e.g. the measles vaccine, decrease mortality much more than can be explained by their specific effects against a particular microorganism whereas non-live vaccines increase total mortality. Read more

Kim Witczak: We need to debunk the fake news in healthcare

Peter Wilmshurst: Litigation as an instrument for silencing whistleblowers
David Hammerstein: The healthcare system is broken – how can we change it?

Peter C Gøtzsche: Death of a whistleblower: scientific censorship in action