Why donate to Institute for Scientific Freedom?

Abhishek Anand, PhD in computer science from Cornell University, Ithaca, had made a donation to the Institute and allowed me to tell why he did that.

Many people donate their hard-earned money to charities with noble sounding names line the “Lupus Foundation” thinking that the money helps people with such diseases. Most of such organizations, however, are heavily controlled by pharma and are more about the interests (profits) of those drug companies than about reducing human suffering. Pouring money into such organizations may actually be hurting humanity. There is a serious rot at the foundations of “health and medical science”. There isn’t much hope until we fix that. There is one organization whose members have a history of fighting against this corruption even at the cost of deep personal sacrifices. They have been successful many times in exposing pharma’s scientific fraud and in improving the laws around transparency and thereby make the evidence used to approve drugs available. If somebody wishes to use their money towards improving the health of humanity, this is the organization they should donate to: www.scientificfreedom.dk.