The decline and fall of the Cochrane empire

I published this book on 8 January 2022. It can be downloaded for free. It is the story about institutional corruption and the rapid transformation of a prosperous democracy into a brutal tyranny. It explains why one of the most important organisations ever in healthcare, the Cochrane Collaboration, now seems to be doomed because the wrong man was employed as CEO in 2012. He systematically destroyed Cochrane, particularly the highly respected Cochrane centres, and a weak Governing Board let him do it. In April 2021, he suddenly left without a farewell message, seven days before the UK funder announced a major budget cut. Many of the things he did were highly bizarre and difficult to understand. Journalists have therefore asked: Did he have powerful friends in the drug industry? Was he planted to destroy Cochrane? I hope you will read my book and recommend others to download it. What one man did to a once magnificent and idealistic organisation should not be forgotten but should become widely known.

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