Famous US comedians are not censored by YouTube: The Wuhan lab leak

In June 2021, comedian Jon Stewart appeared on Steven Colbert’s late night show. The video on YouTube is remarkable. Colbert tries to stop Stewart when he, a couple of minutes into the show, wants to discuss the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic, and not only suggests it was a lab leak but also that the pandemic was likely caused by science. It is also remarkable that YouTube, which has removed a lot of content that to a lesser degree went against the official Chinese narrative that the virus originated in nature, did not remove this video. I have written a transcript of the video. About making Frankenstein new corona viruses in gain-of-function experiments, like the one recently created in Boston that killed 80% of the mice, Stewart says: The final words ever spoken on this Earth will be a scientist’s musing, “Huh, it worked.”