Peter C Gøtzsche, interviews and lectures on YouTube

Arranged by number of views as of 20 March 2023. The top one has been seen by half a million people; the list stops at 5,000 views.

2014 Big pharma is organised crime 7min, California

2014 La industria farmacéutica es crimen organizado 7min, California, Spanish subtitles

2015 Medicinalindustrien – sygdomme opfindes for at sælge medicinen 56min, Denmark

2013 Deadly medicines and organised crime 54min, Denmark, English subtitles, mostly psychiatry

2013 Deadly medicines and organised crime 16min, Overdiagnosis conference in Dartmouth

2019 Death of a whistleblower and Cochrane’s moral collapse 1h7 min, California, CrossFit Headquarters

2015 Mental health, overdiagnosed and overmedicated 1h33 min, Melbourne

2014 Psychiatry has gone astray 6min, California

2016 Prescription drugs are the third leading cause of death, 18min, Oxford, Evidence Live

2015 Psychiatric drugs do more harm than good (2) 58min, Copenhagen

2014 Why few patients benefit and many are harmed 49 min, London, Councel for Evidence-based Psychiatry

2014 Screening for breast and prostate cancer 7min, California

2013 Medicamentos letais e crime organizado 7 min, Denmark, Portuguese subtitles, mostly psychiatry

2014 The psychiatric epidemic, with Robert Whitaker (5) 46min, Copenhagen

2016 Forced psychiatric treatment must be abolished 1h52min, Anchorage

2019 How drug companies buy doctors 3min, Toronto, “Medicating Normal” film team interview

2020 Der er ingen evidens for, at mundbind virker 3min, Denmark, TV2 News interview

2017 Psychiatric drugs do more harm than good 2h15min, Helsinki University

2016 Psicofármacos que matan 7min, Barcelona

2016 Psicofármacos que matan y denegación organizada (Deadly Psychiatry and organised denial) 1h4min, Barcelona, English, Spanish subtitles

2018 Survival of a whistleblower 50min, Heroes in medicine, Max Planck Institute, Berlin

2019 It’s easier to get off heroin than psych drugs 1min, Toronto, “Medicating Normal” film team interview, Hebrew subtitles

2014 La psiquiatría se hunde (Pscyhiatry gone astray) 6min, California, Spanish subtitles

2019 Research suggests we shouldn’t be using antipsychotics 2min, Toronto, “Medicating Normal” film team

2019 Psychiatric diagnoses are not based on science 3min, Toronto, “Medicating Normal” film team interview

2021 Critical conversation about psychiatry 1h21min, Psychology Is Podcast, interview

2019 Psychiatric drugging of children is a “crime against humanity” 3min, Toronto, “Medicating Normal” film team, Hebrew subtitles

2017 Psychiatric drug withdrawal, Q & A 38min, Copenhagen, English subtitles

2014 The psychiatric epidemic, with Robert Whitaker (3) 46min, Copenhagen

2022 A new look at breast cancer and mammography 41min, interview

2014 Der Pharma-Held Medikamente sind dritthäufigste Todesursache 3min, interview

2018 EMA HPV vaccine safety review 28min, Dublin via link

2018 How to survive in an overmedicated world? 59min, Amsterdam

2014 Big Pharma is georganiseerde misdaad (Big pharma is organised crime) 7min, California, Dutch subtitles

2019 Antidepressants can cause suicide and homicide 2min, Toronto, “Medicating Normal” film team

2014 Dr Peter Gøtzsche talks about his background and explains the Cochrane Collaboration 5min, California

2014 Psikiyatri Nasıl Yoldan Çıktı 6min, California, Turkish subtitles

2019 Death of a whistleblower: scientific censorship in action 23min, Copenhagen

2017 Antidepresssant withdrawal 40min, Copenhagen

2016 Varning för psykofarmaka 2h, Stockholm

2014 Dr Peter Gøtzsche εκθέτει τη φαρμακευτική βιομηχανία ως οργανωμένο έγκλημα (Big pharma is organised crime), 7min, California, Greek subtitles

2019 Antidepressant withdrawal mislabeled as disease 2min, Toronto, “Medicating Normal” film team

2014 Controversies in evidence – the case against screening in breast cancer 16min, Oxford, Evidence Live

2019 Mental health survival kit, withdrawal from psych drugs & more 1h, Toronto, “Medicating Normal” film team

2015 A psychiatry without forced treatment is a must 42min, Copenhagen