Videos of tardive dyskinesia and akathisia

Even though tardive dyskinesia – and also akathisia, which it resembles – are serious, horrible and common harms of psychiatric drugs, they are often overlooked or deliberately ignored by psychiatrists. I have just published an article on Mad in America about these conditions, which have links to the videos below.

US actor Joey Marino can no longer act, as he is in terrible pain and has constant involuntary muscle movements after treatment with neuroleptics. The other video is also heart-breaking. It shows people who suffer from tardive dyskinesia or akathisia. Some of the children have become permanently brain damaged to an unbelievable degree.

Dear reader. I have a plea for you. Please spread information about my article everywhere you can. Neuroleptics are enforced on patients with the untenable arguments that they are good for them, which psychiatrists routinely claim they cannot dispute because they lack insight into their disease.

This is abhorrent and forced treatment must stop. Some of the patients are afraid of dying because they have seen patients being killed by neuroleptics.