Personal accounts of patients driven into suicide by a depression pill

In 2015, when I launched my first psychiatry book, “Deadly psychiatry and organised denial,” I arranged an international symposium in Copenhagen, “Psychiatric drugs do more harm than good.” The lectures are on YouTube. They are still highly relevant and I particularly recommend people to listen to the personal accounts of patients driven into suicide by a depression pill. The audience listened in stunned silence. When the five women who spoke found out that I was going to have this symposium, they all offered to come and talk, paying for their own expenses, and I found a slot for them in the programme. They wanted to do everything they could to help others avoid losing a child or a spouse because of a depression drug that was prescribed to them which they should never have had. The people who killed themselves because of the horrible harms of these drugs did not suffer from anything that justified the prescription: school anxiety, work-related anxiety, exam-related anxiety, break-up with a girl-friend, and trouble sleeping. These meaningless deaths illustrate how absurdly harmful psychiatry is.

The other lectures were: Robert Whitaker – Our psychiatric drug epidemic, a historical overview; Peter C. Gøtzsche – Why few patients benefit from the drugs and many are harmed by them; Robert Whitaker – ADHD, changing the child instead of the environment; Peter C. Gøtzsche – A psychiatry without forced admission and treatment is a must; Peter Breggin – How to practice psychiatry without drugs; and Peter Breggin – Chronic brain impairment and psychiatric drug withdrawal. See the lectures here.