Psychiatry killed Tuva Andersson, whose problem was anxiety

I wrote about this gruesome story on 30 June on this website. I have now published a shorter version on the Mad in America website, which I have also uploaded here. And I have tweeted about it:

Psychiatry killed Tuva Andersson, whose problem was anxiety. Her mother wanted me to tell the gruesome story hoping it might prevent other tragic and unnecessary deaths. Thousands of patients are killed every day with psych drugs that don’t work for them

Please go to my Twitter account, @PGtzsche1, and retweet, and please help propagate this story via other media. It is emblematic for a psychiatry that does far more harm and good. Forced treatment kills and must be made illegal in all countries. Psychiatry itself should be abolished and rebuilt, completely from the ground.

So-called biological psychiatry has been a disaster, and we need a new mental health care that is not obsessed with neurotransmitters and unscientific diagnoses, which lead to treatment with harmful drugs, but focuses on psychotherapy, other psychosocial interventions, empathy, understanding, respect, lack of force, and fully informed consent in all situations.