YouTube censored correct information about the high-titre measles vaccine

By Peter C Gøtzsche

Institute for Scientific Freedom

On 6 July 2022, Professor Christine Stabel Benn uploaded a videocast with Professor Peter Aaby on YouTube about his research in Africa. It included his discovery of the beneficial non-specific effects of measles vaccines. The videocast is predominantly about these effects of the normal measles vaccine. But Aaby also mentions his interactions with the WHO related to the introduction of a high-titre measles vaccine, which he and his colleagues’ studies showed led to increased mortality in girls.

Initially, the WHO did not react, but when American colleagues confirmed Aaby’s findings in Haiti, the high-titre vaccine was withdrawn. It has been estimated that this vaccine would have cost around 0.5 million lives per year in Africa alone. It is an important lesson that a highly beneficial vaccine that has saved millions of lives can kill millions if used in too high doses. But Benn discovered on 23 July 2022 that YouTube had removed the videocast due to “inappropriate content.” Read my article here.